Calli Contest Finalists!

Oh, the wonders of sibling rivalries! The beauty of Momma Drama! For the Calli Contest, we asked you to write a story about the introduction of a new member to a family, and today, we’re announcing the finalists! The top 10 story entries will be sent to author Jessica Lee Anderson for final judging. Stay tuned for the results!

The 10 finalists, in no particular order, are:
“Bryce” by Cassidy Petersen
“Daisy” by Sarah A.
“Pippin” by In Peaceful Slumber
“Profligate and Pantywaist” by Rory Meursault
“My Brother and His Wife” by Al Howard
“The Boy” by Bareha Ahmed
“Mamie” by Hope
“I’m Sorry” by Alyx Herondale
“Because of Her” by Vicki Lau
“Ghostly” by *Ariel*

Finalists please note: before you can be declared the winner of a contest, you must return a signed affidavit that will be sent to you via email, so check your email regularly!

7 thoughts on “Calli Contest Finalists!

  1. I have a question. If you get an email that says you won, and you send back the signed affidavit, is it official? Or is it still up for final judgment?

  2. YaY! Jessia Lee Anderson is gonna read MY story!!!!! I’m SOOOO excited! Congrats to all other finalists as well!!!!!

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