Shannon Hale Announces a Sequel to Princess Academy

Did you love Princess Academy by Shannon Hale? It’s the story of a lowly mountain girl, Miri, who, along with the other girls in her village, is brought to a special academy where one of the young ladies will be chosen to be the eligible prince’s wife. We love Princess Academy because Miri is a strong, likeable protagonist and her story is just enough of a fairy tale to make us sigh contentedly, but not so perfect as to be boring.

So we’re beyond thrilled that Shannon Hale has announced that she will be publishing a sequel to Princess Academy–no title yet!–with Bloomsbury in fall 2012. In it, Miri will be traveling to the capital to assist the new princess-to-be. But when she befriends some revolutionaries, Miri will have to decide if their cause is important enough to risk her friendship with the princess. Plus, we’ve been promised a love triangle!

Want to chat with Shannon Hale and have the opportunity to ask her about her new book? Head over to the General/Random forum at 8 p.m. (ET) tomorrow, October 25, for a live chat with Shannon Hale.

8 thoughts on “Shannon Hale Announces a Sequel to Princess Academy

    I hope she’s still with Peder! (Peder was really the cutest thing ever. I wanted one of him.)

  2. I’m really excited for this book to come out! The Princess Academy was one of the most popular books in my elementary school; I own the book and still read it from time to time. I can’t wait to read the sequel.

  3. OH MY HECK!!!!!! YES YES YES YES!! The books of bayern are some of my favorites! same with Princess academy!! i also love peder!!! and i will be very mad if he is not part of the next book, a MAJOR part. i am sooo exited!!! <3 <3 <3<3 <33333

  4. OMG, I love, love, love Princess Academy!!! I read it during the summer and for some reason felt emotionally tied. The description was wonderful and Peder made my heart ache 🙂 I am certainly buying the sequel

  5. I can barely wait to read the sequel! I just hope the name and cover of the book are better, since the 1st ones really were terrible.
    Personally, I think Princess Academy should be called Linder Halk and the cover should be a picture of a Miri flower on a mountain with a view of a village or just some beautiful mountain range,but….
    Also, I really do hope that the second one DOESN’T have a love triangle, unless its really subtle, because Peder was already just on the verge of being to perfect, so the less she messes with them, the better, and a love triangle in general has been done umpteen to many times, and its just bad. But of course, I bet there are some who aren’t opposed to it….

  6. Oh my!!!Finally! I’m thrilled! Princess academy….is 1 of my fav books ever! Peder is so awesome…getting the sequel immediately when its out!!!

  7. I also love princess academy— i just found out about a sequel!!
    I’ve read the book five times- peder is just right for miri:3

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