Nicholas Sparks Contest Extended!

The entry and voting deadlines for this contest have been updated. You now have several more days to submit a story that Nicholas Sparks could potentially read—so get writing! Here’s all the info you need.

It’s raining, but as he rows your little boat toward shore, you’re still smiling. You have to ask. You HAVE to ask. It could ruin the beautiful day you’ve spent together, but hasn’t the rain ruined it already? Don’t you owe it to yourself to get the truth, for once? Okay. Okay. You’re asking.

“Why didn’t you write me?”

Love stories require the same key ingredient as action stories or heroic journeys: conflict. But whereas you can always drop a rogue android or a magical curse into your sci-fi tale or fantasy epic, it’s not so easy when you’re writing a realistic drama about real people with real emotions.

“Internal conflict is just hard to write,” Nicholas Sparks recently told “There’s a big difference between reading a book where suddenly the bad guy appears outside the window holding a knife. Whereas mine deal with ‘will he love me?’ ‘Do I love him?’ ‘Is this the right decision?’ It is much more challenging to make a page-turning novel based on internal conflict.”

Nicholas Sparks, of course, has mastered the art of the internal conflict—and the page-turning love story. His new book, The Best of Me, is no exception. Amanda and Dawson, ex-high school sweethearts, are reunited after 25 years at the funeral of their mentor, Tuck. In the span of a single weekend, they must confront the past they thought they’d left behind.

In honor of Sparks’s new book, we present you with the following challenge: In no more than 1,500 words, write a love story. That’s a whole lot of creative wiggle room, so decide what that means to you. The five top-hearted finalists will be judged by—get ready—Nicholas Sparks, in conjunction with Grand Central Publishing.

Entries must be submitted by Tuesday, November 8 (at 11:59 p.m. EDT). Then you vote on your favorite entries; voting ends at Tuesday, November 15 (at 11:59 p.m. EDT).

How to enter:
1. Read the full rules here.
2. Make a account
3. Create a new story on Figment
4. On the “Details” tab in the “Tags” box, put: SparksContest
5. In about two hours, your contest entry will appear with the rest by clicking the link below

The Grand Prize winner will receive a copy of The Best of Me signed by Nicholas Sparks (!!), a copy of The Notebook, also signed by Nicholas Sparks, and a Figment tote bag. The four other finalists will receive copies of The Best of Me. Good luck, Figs!

Click here to read the finalist entries. Click here to see who won!

33 thoughts on “Nicholas Sparks Contest Extended!

  1. OMG, when I saw that there was a Nicholas Sparks contest going on, I just had to comment on this wall. He is my most favorite author, I love all of his books (since I have read all of them). I would so love to meet him one day, or else he just reply’s to my comment by emailing me or something.

    Just wanted to say hi and omg, i love your book. bye bye
    <3 Val

  2. Hi Nick, I’m so happy to be writing again and it’s because of you and your contest on Figment. I put my entry in today, and I just feel so darn good to accomplish a short story! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!! Hope your International part of your book tour is going well! Be safe, and enjoy!!!! Fondest, Bev Lord

  3. This isn’t really ‘flash fiction’ more short story. Flash fiction is generally much shorter than 1,500 words, isn’t it? And I’m confused. Is the contest to write a love story in 1,500 words, or as the post on facebook implies, write the rest of the conversation started by Mr. Sparks.

  4. Oh my god! Nicholas Sparks I just want to let you know that it is such an honor to be enrolling in a contest that you are hosting, you are my idol when it comes to literature. I absolutely love all your books! You are a genius

    • Your computer should tell you how many words you’ve written. And as the rules state, 1500 words, no more, but you can have less if that’s how your story works out!!!

  5. So, I’m currently in the top 5. I’m not sure that I’ll stay there, but I’m betting whoever is in the top 5 eventually would agree with me.

    If I/we don’t win, it would be really cool if we could know who would have theoretically gotten 2nd/3rd/4th/5th if those were actual places even though they’re not technically, maybe a ranking of all the other finalists in order?

    Given who the judges are, it would just be really nice to know that.

  6. Wow I’m excited to finally enter a contest. I just love writing romance stories and this one is straight from the heart I almost didn’t catch it in time. Hehe, that’s what happens when you take froever to post it.

  7. Hi
    I just want to make a request to the Nicholas sparks contest judges. Please go thru all the stories/entries instead of only selecting the most hearted ones. After reading some of the stories which were not hearted much I felt they deserve to be read atleast once by the judges.

  8. How do we vote for the stories that we like the best??? I looked at several of the stories and yet I could not find a link or anything. Please, let me know!!! Thanks

    • Hi Riley!
      All Figment members will be able to “heart” the stories that they like best. Just click the “heart” button in the lower left hand corner of the book cover.

  9. Kind of sucks that the voting system is whoever gets the most hearts throughout the contest. I mean if no one decides to even bother to read yours or go far enough into the contest or if you don’t make agreements with other people to I think it was “swap” then you are left in the dark and get no hearts, well I have 2 but seems a bit difficult for some people to get hearts if no one bothers to read their story.

  10. the voting system is so annoying:/ no body stands a chance because the people who have the most followers ALWAYS get the most hearts. and people with not many followers dont get as many. i wish they’d change the voting system to judges reading and choosing and THEN having us voting

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