The Three Settings Contest Finalists!

For the Three Settings Contest (presented by Jeff Hirsch), we asked you to write a story comprised of three scenes, using three settings (1. a crowded train station in a major city. 2. An abandoned church. 3. The Mojave Desert at noon on the hottest day of the year.) in any order, and today we’re announcing the finalists. These top 5 entries will be sent to Jeff Hirsch, author of The Eleventh Plague, for final judging. Check back frequently to see the results!

The 5 finalists, in no particular order, are:
The Violinist by Darren
States Law 25 by Alexes
New Amerika by Tom “JellyBean” Sjoden
Just a Game by Melinda P.
Sandstorm by Roal

Finalists please note: before you can be declared the winner of a contest, you must return a signed affidavit that will be sent to you via email, so check your email regularly!

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