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Shannon Hale, author of the Books of Bayern (which you can begin reading for a limited time on Figment) and Princess Academy, chatted with us on the forums last night! If you missed out, here’re some highlights.

Jordan the Boa: Mrs. Hale! Glad to have you on figment! I have a question for you: how hard was it for you to write your first novel?

Hi Jordan, you can call me Shannon. Writing my first novel was VERY HARD. I’d been writing for years before starting THE GOOSE GIRL, but it never gets easier.

Grace Broadworth: Shannon Hale I have a book report on your book goose girl tomorrow do you have any advice I hate speaking in front of the class even if it is only 22 students. Thank you.

Grace, my advice is to honk your book report like a goose instead of speak. Also, I’m bad at giving advice.

Deborah OwenIf you had to pick any of your characters to spend the day with, who would you pick?

Deborah, I would spend the day with Razo. It’s just so easy to relax around him and he’d make me laugh. I think I’d like Dashti to be my best friend. And Enna. She is SO who you’d want to go to after having a bad day. She’d always be on your side against any idiots who made you feel bad. Really, I love them all though, even the baddies.

M. SmithIs it easy for you to keep interested in a story as you are writing it? Sometimes I find that I get bored with the idea after a while.

M. Smith, if I get bored with my story as I’m writing it, I know I’m in trouble. There is something catastrophically wrong with it, and sadly it means a major overhaul (because I never abandon a book once I’ve begun). Usually I’m always interested in my story. Often frustrated, but always interested. It’s how I know it’s worth it to keep going. Writing should be like reading a good book, only much more intense.

Read the entire transcript of the chat here.

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