And It Begins…

We got to Figment HQ this morning, and sitting on our doorstep was a puzzle, a writing contest, homemade chocolate-chip cookies, and a note from the mysterious Harris Burdick.

Harris Burdick has a history of mysterious abandonment. Over 25 years ago, the elusive illustrator left 14 of his beautiful black-and-white illustrations and accompanying captions with a publisher. Though he promised to return the next day with the full stories and more pictures, Burdick was never seen again, though recently 14 accompanying stories found their way to famous authors. Had we arrived to the Figment office a few minutes earlier this morning, we probably would have been the first people to spot him in YEARS, but unfortunately we were all delayed in mysterious and coincidental ways on our way to work.

The cookies were delicious, but to the matter at hand.

We’ve taken the puzzle pieces Burdick left us and scattered them across the Internet. What’s at the end? Instructions for entering a top-secret contest of AWESOME.

“What?!? A scavenger hunt across the Interwebs with early access to the newest Figment writing contest at the end? What’s the first clue? Tellmetellmenow!”

Are you ready? Here it goes:

A picture carried by bird of blue
On the publisher’s Twitter rests the next clue.

WHAT COULD THAT MEAN? Start digging, Figlets! See you when you complete the challenge.

. . .

. . .

. . .

Oh, hey. You’re still here?

You don’t want to follow the awesomazing clues and receive the contest prompt before everyone else? That’s fine, but you’re going to have to wait. We won’t be revealing the contest to the general public until Monday. So you might want to consider zipping over to The Chronicles of Harris Burdick’s publish—wait! You almost made us give the clue away! You’re tricky with your fake recalcitrance.

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