Zombie Contest Winners!

You have waited almost as breathlessly as the undead for these contest results . . . and now they’re here! Congratulations to our winners!

First place: “Fine Line Between Bravery and Stupidity” by sinkingfast
Second place: “Too Human” by White Rabbit
Aaaaaand our super special random winner: “Where Everything Dies” by A.S.M. Michellins

Whaddawehaveforem Johnnnnnnnny? Well, since you’re asking so nicely, Sinkingfast will receive an “EZ Makeup Kit Dead-Like-Me Zombie Accessory,” White Rabbit will receive a copy of The Zombie  Survival Guide: Complete Protection  From The Living Dead, and A.S.M. Michellins will receive a DVD copy of I Am Legend. Enjoy! Thanks to everyone who entered!

3 thoughts on “Zombie Contest Winners!

  1. Congrats, everyone.

    Is there a reason the winners aren’t in the winner’s list yet or is that an accident? I think there was another recently announced contest too, and I don’t see that person over in the list either.

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