Nicholas Sparks Flash Fiction

Nicholas Sparks had us in such a romantic mood, we wanted to share it with you! Oh, not like that. You’d only be so lucky. We asked you on Facebook to get your flash fiction on, and the results were lovely.

Your flash fiction challenge: Write the first line of dialogue that would occur between high school sweethearts reunited after a long separation. 

Sequoia Rose: ‎”Your hair is shorter…”
Libby Blair: ‎”How many cats do you have now?”
Clarissa Gaillardet: ‎”You’re the one person I’ll always recognise.”
Jamie Lewis: ‎”You do this for a living, now?”
Amber Click: ‎”You look… Good. It’s been awhile, hasn’t it?”
Sammi Jarvis: ‎”So, when did you get out of prison?”

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