Wondrous Tips from Seven Authors at Books of Wonder

If I could move into Books of Wonder, I’d do it in a heartbeat. The staff is pleasant, and they’ve always got authors hanging out and talking about their amazing books (take Maureen Johnson’s launch party, for example). Figment Fun Fact: I bumped into Ellen Parsons at Books of Wonder one day and became a part of the Figment family as a result of stalking her being friendly. See? Magical things happen at Books of Wonder!

I recently hung out at my soon-to-be-residence when seven fantastic authors were there reading from their recent releases. All seven offered insight into their writing processes and I thought I’d share the wealth. Here are some snippets of what each author considers the best and worst parts of writing a novel:

Scott Westerfeld:

The best part is you make up whatever you want and the reader has to believe it…The worst part is being in the middle of the book. It’s like the moment before a burp. It hurts.



Jeff Hirsch:

Revising is the most fun. The first draft is something to get through.


Sarah Beth Durst:

Being a writer is the closest you can get to being a wizard. Cheesy, I know . . . The worst is when you finish. You’ve been lying in these worlds and words and I miss it.


Maryrose Wood: 

The best part is when you finish! The worst? I love making up the story, but it’s hard.


Gabrielle Zevin:

I’m a good liar and excellent typist which really comes together when writing fiction. The worst part is the endless, devastating loneliness.


Alison Goodman:

The worst part is when you can’t get that piece to fit in, but the best feeling is when you get it to click. It’s fabulous.


Jon Skovron:

I love that feeling when you know it’s all going to be perfect and amazing and it gets you up in the morning thinking, “OH MAN! THIS IS GOING TO BE AMAZING!” It’s also about knowing your imperfections.

Did you find any of these tips helpful, Figlets? Published writers struggle too! Crafting your story won’t always be easy and, as Mr. Westerfeld says, sometimes it’ll hurt like the moment pre-burp.

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