Dear Miss Maude

Don’t know what to be for Halloween but know that you want to be something wildly inappropriate? Awesome. We have a Halloween guide made just for you. Look no further than the advice of the unstoppable Miss Maude, Figment’s agony aunt who moonlights as the author of the Poseur series. Need some advice or have a question for Miss Maude? Email her at Ten sentence max, please!

YAY!!!! It’s Halloween. The most annoying day of the year! Oh, why is it annoying, you ask? Because! All these peeps use Halloween as this like cheap excuse to dress like total skanks. I know!!!

But I can accept that.

What I can’t accept is the total lack of creativity. It’s like: Angel, Devil, Cheerleader, French maid. UGH!!! The list goes yawn and yawn. So! This Halloween, I suggest y’all follow . . .

#1: The Bimbo Baggins


Five original costume ideas to wear upon punishment of death.

#2: The Sexy Merlin

#3 The Jeze-bell

#4 The Ho Bag

#5: The Sexy Transmitted Disease

Tellin’ it like it is, bébés! One Halloween at a time . . .


Miss Maude

13 thoughts on “Dear Miss Maude

  1. Haha…don’t forget the signature skank costume:


    Or any other pair of animal ears with something that looks like lingerie.

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