Shannon Hale Flash Fiction!

In the Books of Bayern by Shannon Hale (which you can start reading for a limited time on Figment), people are gifted with understanding. They can understand things like fire, water, and animals. This understanding can grow into an ability to communicate. Some of the gifted use their abilities for the good of their people. Some use their abilities to try and usurp a princess from her thrown.

Last week on our Figment Facebook page, we gave you a scene set in a Bayern-like world and asked you to fill in the line of dialogue. Here were some of our favorite responses!

She kept seeing flashes of blue as the bird wove in and out of the trees. Her hair was flying behind her and as she whipped around a large oak, she saw the bird perched, waiting. She opened her mouth and trilled to the bird.

The bird looked at her and trilled back. There were no words, but somehow she understood.

“_______” it said.
She had never run home more quickly.

Julia Rutledge: “He’s coming for you.”
Sara Linton:
Constance Hope Webster: “Your mother has been killed, by the dark apprentice.”
Kqty King: “Wake up.”
Bridget Brazelton: “BOO!!!!!!”

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