Steampunk Classic Contest Winners!

We asked you to “steampunk-ify” classic stories, and you gave us everything from a clockwork Hansel and Gretel to a robot Pinnochio. The creativity was so fig-tastic we almost didn’t know what to do with ourselves. Almost.

Congratulations to the winning story entry, “A Sea of Cogs and Gears” by White Rabbit (chosen by your beloved Figmods), and the winning illustration, “A Clockwork Beast” by Cory the Cat (chosen by outstanding steampunk illustrators Zdenko Basic and Manuel Sumberac)!

What do they win? Apart from copies of Steampunk: Poe, of course, they will receive an Old Tyme writing set and a Darice professional art set, respectively.

Thanks to the finalists and to everyone who entered! Don’t forget to enter the Steampunk: Poe Contest before it’s too late! Entry period ends today (10/31).


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