Three Settings Contest Winner!

Jeff Hirsch presented and Figs responded. The competition was brutal, but among the crowded train stations, empty churches, and brutally arid deserts, one trio of settings stood out.

Congratulations to the grand prize winner of the Three Settings Contest, chosen by Jeff Hirsch himself!

States Law 25” by Alexes

Of the entries, Jeff Hirsch said:

“Great job to everyone who took part in Figment’s [Three Settings] writing contest! It was a real pleasure to read all of these. Any one of the finalists could clearly be a winner, but I tried to choose the pieces that most effectively used the three settings.

Sometimes in our focus on characters and conflict (which are hugely important of course) we can start to think of setting as nothing more than a backdrop. What [this piece does] is explore how things like time and place can take an active role in a story. Where and when a story occurs influences how characters think and act and relate to one another. A strong setting can also comment on your story’s theme and help you create conflicts and complicate them. It’s an absolutely vital tool in your writer’s tool box. As you write try to experiment with setting. How is your story different if you set it at midnight instead of noon? How is it different if it’s in the middle of a jungle versus the middle of a shopping mall? Keep trying new things and have fun with it!

Congrats to the winner and thanks to everyone for taking part!”

What is the Grand Prize? Sounds so official, doesn’t it? As it should: Alexes will receive a copy of The Eleventh Plague by Jeff Hirsch, a $35 Amazon gift card, and a Figment tote.

Thanks to everyone who submitted! Read the finalist entries here.

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