Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare

It’s Friday, Figs. You made it. Give yourselves a pat on the back. I’m sure that all of you have been skillfully juggling schoolwork and your NaNoWriMo pieces throughout the week, riiiight? In case you need to slow down your speed-demon fingers, here’s your Figment Friday Recommendation of the Week!

Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare is the first book in the  prequel trilogy to The Mortal Instruments series, set in the magical underground of London’s Downworld back in the nineteenth century. This book follows sixteen year old Tessa, a proper lady who’s coming into her talent as a shapechanger as she arrives in London searching for her brother who’s gone missing. She’s taken captive by two terrible warlocks, only to be rescued by the mysterious Shadowhunters, angelic warriors dedicated to ridding the world of demons.

Let’s see where this steampunkin’ book falls on the Figment Scale of Awesome:

+300 for Tessa’s wicked cool ability! Tessa is a shapechanger of unknown origins. It’s terrifying to find out you’re no longer just a regular girl, but it’s gotta be really cool to have the power to take the shape of anyone, living or dead, you’ve had contact with–along with their memories. (Cool Scene: Tessa takes the form of a vampire. Her reaction to her still heart? Awesome.)

+99 for the Victorian-era setting. From gas-lit streets to cuirass bodices, this story is a blast from the past.

-120 for Little Orphan Shadowhunters. The whereabouts of Will’s parents? *shrug* Tessa’s parents? Died in a carriage accident. Jem’s parents? Demon  chow. Jessamine’s parents? Burned, baby, burned. We get it, Cassandra Clare, you’re a Dickens fan–but that doesn’t mean you need to house more orphans than Oliver Twist.

+60 for the automaton army. These bad boys are a brand new, kick-ass enemy. They become more humanoid as the series progresses, to the point where you’ll find yourself doubting the humanity of each newly introduced character.

-20 for the cliffhanger. We don’t ask for much here at Figment. We want the simple things in life, you know? Nutella, living parents, mustaches, and closure! We don’t insist every mystery be solved, but we need some sense of resolution at the end of every book, even if there’s a sequel in the works. Cliffhangers wreck us, especially when Cassandra Clare writes them–she is just a mystery goddess.

The gears on our Figment Scale of Awesome are grinding and… Clockwork Angel receives a total of 339 points! With Clockwork Prince around the corner (12/6/11), now is a good time to start off this trilogy before the second installment is released. If you’re a City of Bones fan, you need to trade in your taxi for a carriage and get moving to your local book shop now.

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  1. I love all her books, and my favorite is the clockworks. I cannot wait until she gets them all published and I can read it all at once! 90 cheers for Cassandra!!

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