The Orchard: A Memoir by Theresa Weir

Before the new school year began, I won one of the forum games and was awarded a Figment tote and a book called The Orchard, which I ate up voraciously over the course of three hours.

The Orchard is a memoir of the young life of Theresa Weir on her new husband’s family farm as she tries to fit in and gain acceptance from her husband’s family. It’s a love story, above all else—even a memoir—and it talks about that kind of romance that we see in everyday life; just a chance meeting and a slow growth of feelings. But this love drove the young Theresa to move away from her family and onto her husband Adrian’s farm.

As the life Theresa once knew slips away from her, as she is consumed by her marriage and isolated by the farm’s lonely location, Theresa’s experiences are chronicled through memory and dictations of the rare meetings she gets with her family. Theresa finds herself with a host of problems: primarily an unaccepting set of in-laws and health concerns about pesticides on the farm.

Theresa’s challenges are surprisingly weighty for such a light story, and so the romance becomes clouded in a mist of despair. The Orchard is a bittersweet story: the reader watches Theresa grow into a mother and an obedient wife and come to love her new life, but she loses so much of herself in the process. The Orchard is a beautiful, sad story of a torn family, and it is one of the only books that I have the pleasure of calling a weighty feather of a memoir.


Adithi is known as The Oak Tree on Figment, and she loves to write with an obsessive passion. Her work has been featured in magazines such as Stone Soup, Skipping Stones, and Creative Kids. The three words that best describe her are poetic, fun, and life-loving. Her motto? Love every moment, look with many pairs of eyes, and keep a smile always with you!

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