Girls with Grit SHOWDOWN!

In honor of the Girls With Grit series (a collection of stories featuring kick-ass females that we’ll be featuring over the next month) we want to know which chick is the grittiest. So you tell us: which girl would come out on top in each of these pairings? Next weekend, the winners of each battle will be set against each other, and then those winners will go fisticuffs until only the grittiest girl remains. Round one BEGINS!





























Girls with grit are fierce, independent, strong young women. They’re girls who face tough situations and sometimes don’t come out on top. They’re girls who work hard, who believe in themselves, and who try to follow their principles.

Groundwood Books’ Girls With Grit series is on Figment because each of these books is about a girl like you, or your sister, or your best friend. We’ll be featuring different books every week, so be sure to check the Figment Features page often!

Meanwhile, we’ve got weekly challenges in theย Got Grit? Forumย (with five chances to win prizes!)ย plusย an awesome writing contest. What are you waiting for?

72 thoughts on “Girls with Grit SHOWDOWN!

  1. You are missing Sydney Bristol verse a bond girl played by halle berry >.> I would think you would have Sydney Bristol from Alias, she was nitty gritty. Oh yeah, What about Janeway from star trek or Major Kira? Kick butt sci-fi right there!

    • Not only did they miss Sydney who is BY FAR one of my FAVORITE characters EVER (sorry for all the caps, lol), but they missed Max from Dark Angel, Elektra, Catwoman, Mrs. Smith (Angelina Jolie), that crazy chick with the guns from Transporter 3, Katsa from a book called Graceling, Alanna from The Song of the Lioness and I could go on all night. I guess when you think about it, they couldn’t really include everyone.

  2. Man, i saw Katniss up there and i though “oh her for sure!” but then you had to go and throw river in there, and i couldn’t say no to her! D:

  3. You guys, that Jo vs. Hermione question was harder than the SHSATS.

    I didn’t know half of the girls but the one I did were pretty kick-ass. But come one. Who can beat Katniss? Who can beat Mulan (who was a real person by the way ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Yea. Because Hermione is awesome but I ended up voting for Jo since Jo lived in a time when bad a** and unconventional girls were treated badly

    • People are stupid. Meg is easily way better than Mulan. I want to see Mulan try to beat up Greek monsters. NEVER GONNA HAPPEN. Besides, women were thought of as weak in Greek/Roman times too!

      • Megara never beat up any monsters. I mean, I love her to death and she’s a hilarious smart-ass– I seriously considered choosing her just because of her snarky remarks– but then, Mulan saved her entire country, was ingenious, disguised herself as a guy to join the army, and just generally really did kick butt. Plus she had Mushu.

  4. Yes! Mulan kicks ass, esepcially at a time when women were looked down upon as “the weaker vessel”. Way to go, girl!

  5. Faith would DESTROY Buffy. And Hit Girl knows WAAAAAY more fighting styles than Hanna. She would win and I think it’d be easily (no offense to Hanna whom I like).

  6. How come nobody (Arya Stark, Daenerys Targaryen, Cersei Lannister, etc…) were chosen from George RR Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire”? (It’s also a TV show called Game of Thrones) The girls in this show are pretty tough themselves! Arya Stark – saw her father die, became a sword fighter in a country she didn’t know after surviving a bunch of horrible situations, and then went blind for a few days and came out okay. (SHE’S ELEVEN!!) Daenerys Targaryen – lost her baby, her husband, and instead of freaking out, walked into his funeral pyre and came out with dragons. Then she went on a mission to conquer the world and take back the throne that was rightfully hers. Cersei Lannister – would do anything – ANYTHING – to keep in power.
    Seriously, why aren’t they in here?

  7. Too bad Tiana from Princess and the Frog isn’t up there. I think she has grit. Deciding between Hermione and Jo was REALLY hard, did anyone feel the same way?

  8. you do know that Hermione could whip all of their asses, including River’s? the love of her life left her, and she still helped defeat the most evil wizard of all time. She kicks major butt.

  9. Alright, two objections.
    1) Putting Buffy vs. Faith in the first round? So not cool.
    2) SERIOUSLY, KATNISS BEAT RIVER?! I’d like to see/read about Katniss killing off a room full of armed reavers BY HERSELF. With only a KNIFE. Facts are facts, and no power in the ‘verse can stop River.

  10. Aww, camon, people! River took on easily sixty reavers using their own weapons! I honestly don’t think Katniss could handle one barehanded.

  11. I only voted for Katniss because I have NO IDEA who River is…

    Mulan all the way, people! She saved all of China, and she won the love of her life dressed as a freakin’ man! She didn’t have to be all seductive to do it.

  12. what about justin beiber? I mean she is hated by every sane person in america and shes the butt of every joke….yet she still shows her face in public. That. Is. One. Tough. Chick.

  13. It makes me hurt deep inside that they put Katniss up against such a weak opponent. I mean, they could have given her more of a challange. She can take it. She survived a battle-to-the-death twice! She used a knife to cut down a trackerjacker nest taht might have killed her so she could get out of a dang tree! Katniss could outsmart River ANY DAY.

  14. Truthfully I did read about River, and I have undeniable loyalty to Katniss, and I really believe Katniss could win. My bias aside I really believe that.

  15. I’m honestly more than a little confused as to why Jo from Little Women is up there against Hermione. I mean, sure, Jo was fun and all, but I actually didn’t like her all that much. Hermione wiped her own parents’ memories to protect them, figured out that Slytherin’s monster was a basilisk, used a Time Turner to take every class she could, fought Death Eaters at the Ministry, before Dumbledore’s death, and at the Battle of Hogwarts; managed to, while she was being tortured by the woman, trick Bellatrix LeStrange to protect her friends; brought down the Dark Lord Voldemort with Harry and Ron; and she bought the best cat ever. Also, she was the brightest witch of her age and the only reason Harry and Ron ever passed History of Magic.

  16. Okay, two things:
    1. I love Katniss and all, but , REALLY?! No offence but River would beat her before Katniss even had a chance to turn around, let alone “outsmart” her.
    2. @Mara –> I agree that Hermione would beat Jo, (I mean, Jo’s a tomboy and an awesome writer, but…) However, the only flaw in your argument is that Hermione only wiped her parents’ memories in the movie, not the book. XD

    • ummm sorry to burst your bubble, but Hermione basically did wipe their memories in the books as well. She didn’t necessarily wipe all their memories, but she made them forget they even had a daughter and their real names. If that’s not memory wiping I don’t know what is…

  17. Totally Juno and Hitgirl all the way!!!! Sorry Hannah… I liked you, but there’s no way you can beat Hitgirl. All hail her and her mighty Kickassness!!!! I’m surprised Trinity from The Matrix isn’t on this… I mean… Seriously, come on!!!

  18. …you know what I just realized? That Arya, Angela, and Saphira aren’t up there!! (Eragon)

    Plus, I’d like to see Ginny vs. Luna. (Harry Potter)

  19. Ok you all like to dis on Katniss and yes maybe she would get her ass kicked by River but put her up against anyone of the other girls and she would fuck them up big time! I mean I’m guessing half of the people that voted for Katniss only voted for her because they don’t know who River is. I don’t think that was a very fair pairing to begin with so enough about them. Mulan vs Meg. Not a chance Meg!!! She fights by being a slut and that is not even cool!!!! And Hermione… She kicks ASS!!!!! I love Harry Potter! Joe is a genious! She made up one he most amazing girls in the world!!! Shes smart,powerful, and pretty. Love her! I am SOOOOOOO glad Miss Bella Swan ain’t on here because she would lose so bad!! Just sayin and I lik those books!

  20. Hermione Granger vs. Jo March. Is there any doubt who would win?

    HERMIONE, of course!!! She’s smart, powerful, and gorgeous! Great combo! <3

  21. Janis over Kat? No way! All Janis did was try to tip the popularity scale whereas Kat was pretty much in everyone’s face, opinionated and bold no matter what.

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