The Books of Bayern Contest Finalists!

You’ve all done a great job of hiding your secret powers for the Books of Bayern Contest, but unfortunately, we’ve found you out. I mean, come on, what did you expect? We’re pretty omnipresent, omnipotent, and just “omni” all around. These story entries will be sent to Shannon Hale, herself to be judged, so check back often to find out who the winners are!


Congratulations to our five finalists!
Candy’s Colors” by Amara Katniss T.
Frostbite” by Laura Getz
Whispers” by Cassidy Petersen
Silver Anchor” by Emily Manhattan
Anomaly” by Amanda Ricketson

Our bad–there should have been a sixth story on the list of finalists: “The Song of the Fife” by Amanda Kurka. We’re sorry for the error!


5 thoughts on “The Books of Bayern Contest Finalists!

  1. Congrats to all who deserved it!
    A few of the people on the list promoted their entries, but for the people who deserved it, great job!

  2. Oh, and question. On the entry/announcment page for the contest, it says there were 3 winners….but the finalist list says ‘check back often to see who “the winner is”. If there’s more than one, it should say “the winners are”.

    Please reply back with an answer. I’m curious!

  3. Sorry if I’m pestering with questions but it’s been over a month and we still havent gotten the results. Has Shannon Hale not wrote back or something with winners???

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