Finding Somewhere by Joseph Monninger

There is one horse, two girls, and three reasons why Finding Somewhere by Joseph Monninger should be on your to-read list.

One horse: Speed, an old pony ride horse that is being put down before the winter hits.

Two girls: Hattie and Delores, best friends and horse lovers that decide to run out west with Speed to save his life.

Three reasons: There is excellent character development of the best friends, the relationships forged throughout the book are genuine, and there is no epic love triangle to clog up the heart of the novel.

I’m always a little skeptical about picking up a horse book. I myself am not much of a horse person; I’ve barley ridden one before. Thankfully Finding Somewhere had elements even non-horse lovers can easily relate to.

The best friends are very different from each other. Hattie is a quiet, reserved girl who enjoys reading books while Delores is louder and more spirited, though her emotional stress is becoming almost unbearable. They fight quite a bit, but in the end it’s their differences that make them such a good team.

Along the road trip, Hattie and Delores meet a few people who help them out and who believe in their cause to save Speed. These relationships are more real than anything they had back home; Hattie and Delores never felt like they belonged in their Podunk town. The believable relationships are part of what make Finding Somewhere an interesting read.

And the ultimate young adult novel trap—the epic love triangle—is nowhere to be found in Finding Somewhere. A love triangle in which the friends were crushing on the same guy would have been an easy way to add dramatic tension to the novel, but I appreciated that it was absent. I love being able to see the relationship develop between Hattie and Delores. It’s a friendship I can relate to—after all, how many people are actually caught up in tortured love triangles?

Finding Somewhere is an emotional journey. It’s about leaving to find yourself and it’s also about learning to deal with what’s waiting for you at home.    


Maggie Martin is a teen fiction writer who lives in Iowa.  Music inspires pretty much every aspect of her life, so naturally she’s a band geek that lives and breathes music.  Seriously.

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