ABC’s Once Upon a Time

Who said fairy tales were only for kids’ bedtime stories? The new ABC series, Once Upon a Time, definitely proves that wrong.  It’s bringing back old fairy tales, with a special focus on Snow White (though I have yet to see many dwarves). These stories are much more than the candy-coated animations Disney brought to life; they are the actual people of the cursed town of Storybrooke, Maine, who are totally ignorant of their true identities. An evil queen, based on the one from Snow White and played by Lana Parrilla, put a spell on the town twenty eight years ago to erase the townspeople’s fairy tale memories and forever end happily ever after. Her plan is foiled by her own adoptive son, Henry (Jared S. Gilmore), who works with his biological mother Emma (Jennifer Morrison) and an old story book to try and bring back Storybrooke’s residents’ true identities.

I’ve been religiously watching this show (along with Desperate Housewives and Pan Am) since the beginning of the season and, I must say, it has me hooked. The plot line does not slow down, but constantly twists in new directions to leave mindboggling cliff hangers. There are lots of flashbacks between the “old” Storybrooke and the present one, and these add to viewers’ confusion. The actors all flow seamlessly together, making their characters come to life in new ways. Little Henry is as cute a kid as they come, and Prince Charming (Josh Dallas) definitely deserves the title. If you look past all the save-the-day plots, you will find a lot of actual, realistic issues that breathe truth into the series. Henry’s adoption issues are one big topic that never fails to make some sort of appearance in an episode, along with Emma’s and many other characters’ questionable pasts. The life of Emma before Storybrooke is one big question mark and, while everyone else’s stories are being discovered, she seems to keep hers under very tight lock.

With the series only just beginning, it’ll be a long and bumpy ride to find out where these heroes take us.

R.J. Hathaway has lived in Milwaukee, Wisconsin all her life, though she’s traveled to or through nearly all of the states in America. She is an avid reader and writer, along with a freshman in high school who hopes to graduate early. Besides watching TV, R.J. enjoys swimming, participating in her local theatre, and pretending she’s a photographer. Maybe one day she’ll have her mind set on just one hobby or talent, but, for now, she’s muddling through the sea of them she’s faced with.   

4 thoughts on “ABC’s Once Upon a Time

  1. I LOVE this show! I’ve watched it since the beginning and I’m hooked too! 🙂 I believe Figment should have some sort of contest in conjunction with the show or to honor it or something 😛

  2. I LOVE this show as well! I agree with Crysta! I am also very into NBC’s new show Grimm. It is like a crime drama, but all the episodes have to do with the Grimms Fairytales! LOVE IT!

  3. This show is AWESOME! I watch it with my friends every Sunday, and each episode is a wonderful new adventure. Theres lots of mystery to keep it going and its character driven, just like Lost was (same writers), so I know we are in for a treat.
    I like trying to guess who the characters are in Storybrooke and even identifying them in the fairytale world.
    Theres only been three dwarves by the way (Grumpy, Sleepy and Doc), at least that I’ve noticed.

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