Figs Dare to Stand Out

The heroines of Groundwood Books’s Girls With Grit series have got grit, and so do Figs!

This week in the Got Grit? forum, we challenged Figs to do something to make them stand out. Congratulations to Victoria Tsarkova, who gets a Girls With Grit prize pack full of books, and some eternal Fig glory on Figment’s Facebook wall! (You can check out two of the books here—we’ll be cycling through new titles every week for the next month.)

Here’s Victoria Tsarkova’s response:

I guess I’ll post something. Here goes:
It was fitness testing in gym. My class was doing the push-up test. My teacher said that after we were done we could go play basketball. I lined up and waited. I only got 4 push-ups, but that’s beside the point. Anyway, I decided today was the day I’d play knockout with the guys. I was always afraid they would reject me, but no one said anything. The first couple times weren’t so great, since I got out pretty easily. Later in the game, I threw a ball from the foul line, and I got this guy out. I was the buzz of the game, since no boy expected that from me. I heard this conversation:
      “Hey, did you see that?”
      “Victoria got him out with a single swish.”
This made me feel really proud and satisfied. I just proved that girls aren’t bad at gym. I’ll be totally ready the next time there will be a game! 🙂

Here are some more great ones (scroll down in the forum to see all the posts):

Ashley said:
A few years ago I cut all of my hair off. I was the only girl without hair and being the shy one didn’t make it any better. I was bold for doing it and I got picked on because of it. That experience made me stronger and I’m proud to say that I made the decision to get dreadlocks. Once again, I’m the only girl in the school with a unique hair style (dreads) and though from time to time I think about combing them out, I think of how I just started them a few months ago, so I keep them. [Click here and scroll down to read Ashley’s full post.]

Amy Suto said:
For some reason, we vegetarians often times face opposition for our life choices. When you tell somebody you’re a vegetarian, suddenly they have a medical degree. In the past year that I’ve been a vegetarian, I have avoided telling too many people because of the resistance I’ve faced. People question me about my source of protein, they make accusations about my diet, saying it is “unhealthy” when they have no idea what I’m eating. [Click here and scroll down to read Amy’s full post.]

And we couldn’t help but note what Alyssa Antoine said:
All right. This week, just for this challenge, I organized a flash mob. I picked ten classmates, and next weekend we’re going to go to the mall or outside a big public place and just break out in a flash mob dance in the most ridiculous outfits we can come up with. S’gonna be fully awesome. c:

Enter the Girls with Grit Contest for more chances to win Groundwood prizes, and be sure to visit the Got Grit? forum for this week’s challenge!

Girls with grit are fierce, independent, strong young women. They’re girls who face tough situations and sometimes don’t come out on top. They’re girls who work hard, who believe in themselves, and who try to follow their principles.

Groundwood Books’ Girls With Grit series is on Figment because each of these books is about a girl like you, or your sister, or your best friend. We’ll be featuring different books every week, so be sure to check the Figment Features page often!

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