Girls With Grit Showdown: Week 3

In honor of the Girls With Grit series (a collection of stories featuring kick-ass females that we’ll be featuring through early December) we want to know which chick is the grittiest. So you tell us: which girl would come out on top in each of these pairings?

Next weekend, the winners of each battle will be set against each other in the final showdown! So this round is crazy important: who deserves to be in the final round? We’re looking for a gumption goddess, a chutzpah chick, and (of course) an all-around gritty girl. Round three BEGINS!

But first? A moment of introspection for gritty girls gone by. Missed last week’s pairings? Check them out here!

And now to business! Who would win these showdowns?

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Girls with grit are fierce, independent, strong young women. They’re girls who face tough situations and sometimes don’t come out on top. They’re girls who work hard, who believe in themselves, and who try to follow their principles.

Groundwood Books’ Girls With Grit series is on Figment because each of these books is about a girl like you, or your sister, or your best friend. We’ll be featuring different books every week, so be sure to check the Figment Features page often!

3 thoughts on “Girls With Grit Showdown: Week 3

  1. Buffy duh! She would kick everyone’s ass so hard they’d faint. And Hermione would be all “*poof* you’re dead” to Mulan… now Mulan vs. Buffy, I’d be curious to see that.

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