Happy Birthday to Books 11/20 to 11/26

When we’re all suffering from severe food coma this week and can’t bear the thought of reaching for another turkey leg, we have new baby books to grab at instead! Happy holidays and happy reading, Figs!

The Future of Us by Jay Asher and Carolyn Mackler (11/21/11)

We can find everything on the internet these days. Best social networking site: Facebook. Best writing forum: Figment (obviously). But unless you guys know something I don’t, one thing we definitely can’t find online is our future. In The Future of Us, it’s 1996 and something terrifying is happening (or should I say something amazing hasn’t happened yet?). Josh and Emma pop an AOL disc into their computer and get a glimpse into their futures when they see their profiles on Facebook (which isn’t around yet, of course). First thing I would do? Update my status from the past.

The Freedom Maze by Delia Sherman (11/22/11)

Up for little more time travel? The Freedom Maze stars thirteen-year-old Sophie who’s staying with her grandmother in the Bayou for the summer. Sophie spends a lot of time in her grandmother’s hedge maze, where she meets a new friend and–oh yeah–gets sucked into the year 1860. Unfortunately for Sophie, she has her cute little summer tan going on and she’s mistaken as a slave and taken prisoner. Good luck surviving this brutal era, Soph!

Belle’s Song by K.M. Grant (11/22/11)

Time to backtrack: Belle’s Song takes us to the end of the 14th century, where the beautiful Belle embarks on a journey to Canterbury, hoping for a miracle to cure her disabled father (a bellmaker, harr harr). Belle encounters not one but two potentially savory suitors (poor girl), and is pulled into a web of political intrigue in this drama-infused novel. Set in King Richard II’s England, Belle’s story is a captivating and engaging take on Geoffrey Chaucer’s original Canterbury Tales. Who thought history could be this much fun?


Saving June by Hannah Harrington (11/22/11)

The girl-on-a-mission theme continues with Harper Scott, who embarks on a cross-country quest to find an eternal resting place for her older sister June’s ashes. June’s abrupt suicide leaves Harper feeling caught between her quarreling, divorcing parents, and she escapes to the open road with her best friend Laney and the mysteriously attractive Jake. The trio’s trip leads to fights, new friendships (and maybe more than friendships . . . ) and Harper finding herself in a way she didn’t think possible. A heartfelt and at times heartrending novel, Saving June explores love, loss, and every teen’s dream: road trip, minus the parentals.


Unleashed by Nancy Holder and Debbie Viguie (11/22/11)

Wolf Springs, Ozark Mountains: Dark, gloomy, hidden. Not your usual vacation spot, though it does boast quite the view. In Unleashed, the first installment of the new Wolf Springs Chronicles trilogy, brooding heroine Katelyn McBride relocates to the obscure town of Wolf Springs following the sudden death of her mother. Moving in with her grandfather–every teenage girl’s dream–Katelyn soon realizes that much more lies in wait for her than boredom and social exile. Katelyn soon becomes engulfed in the mysteries surrounding her adopted hometown, unleashing (hehe) secrets that span centuries and uncovering surprises about the town’s inhabitants–and maybe even about herself.




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