Figment and I Heart Daily Books of 2011 Contest

When you find a good book, you want everyone to read it. There is literally NO ONE who should NOT READ THAT BOOK. Everyone deserves the joy it will bring them. Your boring gym teacher? Deserves the joy. Your evil cousin? Deserves the joy. The boy in third grade who put gum in your hair resulting in two years of awkward chop-job grow-out? Even he deserves the joy.

Sharing the joy of something you love feels good. Sharing the joy of a good book is incomparable. And that’s the joy of I Heart Daily.

For this contest, sponsored by Figment and our friends at I Heart Daily, your challenge is as follows: write a review—of no more than 300 words—of your favorite book published in 2011. Submit your entry by December 16 at 11:59 p.m ET. Then you get to decide the 10 finalists by voting on your favorite entries.

The top 10 most-hearted entries will be read and judged by Melissa Walker, author of Small Town Sinners and four other young-adult novels. (She’s also the co-editor of I Heart Daily with Anne Ichikawa!) The grand-prize winner will receive a Kindle Touch pre-loaded with 5 of Figment’s favorite books of 2011 and 5 of I Heart Daily’s favorite books of 2011.

How to enter:

  1. Read the full rules here
  2. Sign up for
  3. Write a review of your favorite book published in 2011, of no more than 300 words, and press “Publish Now”
  4. In the details tab, tag your story iheartdailybooks
  5. Wait the 2 hours it sometimes takes to see your piece appear below

I Heart Daily is also giving away hard copies of five of their favorite books to one lucky new subscriber! To enter, sign up for their newsletter using the form below. (Read the official rules here.)

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Click here to read the finalist entries. Click here to see who won!

52 thoughts on “Figment and I Heart Daily Books of 2011 Contest

    • Hi Eleanor,

      You must review a book that has actually been published in 2011 and is available for sale, etc. Figment books are not eligible.

  1. So I had a question. Well two actually. One, how will the voting take place? Two, what’s the link to provide the information I Heart Daily needs in order to quilify?

    • Hi Mariah,

      The “most-hearted” entries will become finalists. All you have to do to qualify is create a story with your Figment account and tag it “iheartdailybooks” in the Details section. If you are still confused, please email me at

  2. hey rebecca i have to remove myself from the iheartdaily contest because i had realized Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins was published in 2009 im sorry:)

    • Hi Tabitha,

      The voting period ends on December 23, and we will hopefully hear back about the winners soon after that. Thank you for your patience!

  3. Hey, I added my review yesterday and tagged it “iheartdailybooks” but after searching through each page of the contest, I was still unable to locate it. Did I do something wrong?

    • Hey Mackenna-

      The entry period for the I Heart Daily contest ended December 16, so any stories posted after that point won’t show up among the entries. Let me know if I can help you with anything else!


  4. I’ve noticed that several of the top voted entries are actually of books that weren’t published in 2011. Will they still be considered because they’re in the top 10 or will they be disqualified because the books they reviewed weren’t published in the correct year?

  5. AHHHHH! I’m not going to be entered for the contest! I only have 6 hearts. I should have posted earlier than the deadline. Darn. And i really wanted to win. Anyone wanna swithch? trade? whatever it is that you read each-others entry? I’m sad now.

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