Make a Scene by Sophie Ellis-Bextor

Make A Scene is Sophie Ellis-Bextor’s fourth record and her most danceable yet. Produced with the likes of Calvin Harris and the Freemasons, the end product is one solid party record. It begins upbeat and pumping with “Revolution” (it is pop after all), but surprisingly transitions into a dreamy, ethereal sound.

More elegant than Cascada or Zoe Badwi, Sophie brings together a good dose of yearning, a taste of the bitterness as well as the sweetness of love. Funny, as there is a song on the album called “Bittersweet,” along with solid dance floor hits like “Under your Touch,” “Not Giving Up On Love,” and “Can’t Fight This Feeling.”

One of my favorites is “Starlight.” I can’t help but twirl around the room with my eyes closed when this song comes on. The lyrics are delectable and warm with lines like, “We found heaven in the dark.” I wouldn’t mind getting that tattooed on me, actually.

The slower, more dreamy tracks near the end show off Sophie’s vocal chops at their best. “Magic,” another favorite of mine, might interest fans of Sarah Brightman with its ethereal quality. “Synchronised” and “Cut Straight to the Heart” have that emotive quality which begs for an acoustic rendition.

I expected this album to be quite monotone, as is the case with many other dance-pop records. It’s not difficult to find a whole album comprised of similar cookie-cutter tracks, but Make A Scene has much more variety than I anticipated. The album is sort of like dancing all night, refusing to go home when the party’s over, walking for hours until dawn instead, then sitting down to watch the sun rise with your head on somebody’s shoulder.

Shani is a little devil living in New Zealand, who will one day rule the fashion world with her kindred brain-spirit, Vikki. She is currently involved in an intimate relationship with music and handbags, and busy completing studies in marketing and international business. In her spare time, she enjoys pasta, laughs, and dreams of hot air ballooning in Slovenia.

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