Happy Birthday to Books 11/27 to 12/3

Happy Birthday, little Sagittarius book babies! Born right on the cusp of December, you’re helping us launch the last month of the year (and life as we know it! 2012, here we come!)

Legend by Marie Lu (11/29/11)

Any novel with a good ‘ol game of cat and mouse between bound-to-be lovers is absolutely a must-read for me. Day is only 15 years old, but it would appear he’s been busy–he’s the country’s most wanted criminal. June is the same age, but she’s stayed on the right side of the law. In fact, she’s hunting down Day to avenge her brother’s death. Is Day actually guilty of murder? Is June really on the right side? Is this another dystopian novel to fall in love with? Why, yes it is, thanks for asking!

Charles Dickens and the Street Children of London by Andrea Warren (11/29/11)

Any biography-loving Figs out there? I recently read Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare–her characters are constantly referencing the literary masterminds of way back when, including Dickens. The release of this new Dickens biography sheds new light on Dickens’s social activism and brilliant works.

Love You, Hate You (Ballet School Confidential) by Charis Marsh (11/29/11)

Just in time for the holidays: a drama-infused performance of The Nutcracker as told by four students at a prestigious ballet school! The point of view rotates among four different ballet students, each with his or her own turmoils. But the show must go on, and these four dance academy freshmen will have to drop their personal baggage at the door if they want the approaching recital to be perfect. Hopefully it works out without anyone breaking a leg . . . or going all Black Swan on their friends.

Catching Jordan by Miranda Kenneally (12/1/11)

Jordan is one lucky girl–she spends her days surrounded by hot guys in uniform. But she’s not really looking to date; she’s captain and quarterback of her high school’s football team. And those hot guys? They don’t really see her as  girlfriend potential . . . more like just one of the dudes. That is, until she meets sexy new quarterback-competition Ty Green, and everything–including her dateless status–is thrown for a loop.

Visions by Eric Walter (11/30/11)

This one seems different, yet simple. It starts off kinda normal, but quickly steers into the supernatural. It’s about two twin brothers who are helping their scientist mother on a mission to uncover some missing muskoxen. Along the way, they come across an old Inuit man spouting folklore legends–which is weird, but gets way weirder when the boys go home to nightmarish visions. What will it take to prevent the terrible things they’re seeing when catching z’s?


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