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Season 3, Episode 7, “I Kissed a Girl”

If you think NYADA is a hit crime drama on CBS, catch up with last week’s gleecap.

The episode begins with Santana about to be expelled for slapping Finn across the face. Finn, feeling guilt over outing her publicly, pulls the classic but-I-ran-into-HER-fist and Santana walks free. Finn then proposes a glee lesson on lady-singers. Less tasty than lady-fingers, but ever so slightly more Glee-relevant.

First song: All I have to say about Kurt and Blaine’s rendition of Pink’s “Perfect” is: Thank God you are pretty, Chris Colfer. You can NOT move.

Screenshots from Glee on Fox

Then “I’m the Only One”? Oh, yay. Awkward Puck-singing-at-horrified-Shelby. You know how much I LOVE that, Glee. You know what? Hit me with a borderline psychopathic stare-turn-head tilt. Woop. There it is.

Screenshots from Glee on Fox

After letting Santana know that he’d be crazy bummed if she offed herself, Finn heads into the only rendition of “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” that’s ever made me want to call my mother and tell her I love her, because life is short and disappointment is eternal. Plus there was an Asian kid playing violin? Like a redshirt on Star Trek, your minutes are numbered, random Asian kid.

Screenshots from Glee on Fox

In the political battle of the CENTURY for McKinley High’s senior class president, Rachel pulls an epic no-no and stuffs the ballot box in Kurt’s favor ’cause she really wants him at her side in the conveniently selective NYADA (New York Academy of Dramatic Arts). By the by, judging from the Google autocomplete of “Does NYADA accept the common application?”, I’m betting that dozens of college-hopefuls are going to be very disappointed come fall. But– BUT! Rachel comes clean about the manipulation and is banned–BANNED! from sectionals.

In another edition of my favorite show, “Burt Hummel (Newly Elected Ohio State Representative) Should Have ALL the Children Because He Is the Only Decent Adult Figure in Lima, Ohio,” Santana’s abuela bans Santana from her casa after she comes out. There are tears.



  • The title of Sue Sylvester’s LBB (Little Black Book)? Sue’s Booty Calls

Screenshots from Glee on Fox


  • Coach Beiste’s less-than-inspired cover of “Jolene.” But still! Team Beiste > Team Sylvester. C’mon Cooter! Obvious choice.
  • Seeing “Lady Music Week” on the glee club whiteboard for the whole episode. The term ‘lady music’ makes me want to punch something male, hard.


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