Figs Do the Impossible

The heroines of Groundwood Books’s Girls With Grit series have got grit, and so do Figs!

This week in the Got Grit? forum, we challenged Figs to attempt something they thought was impossible. Congratulations to Bianca Aurelio who gets a Girls With Grit prize pack full of books, and some eternal Fig glory on Figment’s Facebook wall! (You can check out two of the books on the features page here, and see all of them together here.)

Bianca Aurelio said:

Today, I made the decision to cut the father I never knew out of my life. There is more to the story which affected my decision than one simple thing. My dad left my mum almost 18 years ago before I was born, 4 days before they were to be married. He was a British soldier stationed in Berlin, Germany when I was born in another German city, Munich. He didn’t come to see me. He didn’t write or call when we went to live in Canada one month later. [Click here and scroll down to read the rest of Bianca’s post.]

Here are some more great ones:

S.A. Morgan said:

You know they say that the first step to self-love is accepting yourself for all your faults and flaws and moving forward from there. Well, they were kinda right on with that. For the first time in over 12 years I looked in the mirror and liked what I saw today. I know this may seem like a trivial thing in the scheme of things, but you obviously don’t know how long I’ve wished to be okay with myself. I am 20 years old, a sophomore in College and for 12 years I’ve more or less hated myself and how I look, right down to the little ridge in my nose. [Click here and scroll down to read the rest of S.A.’s post.]

Kimmie Baker said:

I spent the last three months of the 2010-2011 school year at home. I was skipping school because I was depressed and anxiety ridden, and I wound up failing my junior year. Then, just this summer, after holding it in for 3 year, I disclosed to my counselor that my father had abused me when I was 13. [Click here and scroll down to read the rest of Kimmie’s post.]

Girls with grit are fierce, independent, strong young women. They’re girls who face tough situations and sometimes don’t come out on top. They’re girls who work hard, who believe in themselves, and who try to follow their principles.

Groundwood Books’ Girls With Grit series is on Figment because each of these books is about a girl like you, or your sister, or your best friend. Enter the Girls with Grit Contest now!

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