Winter Town by Stephen Emond

It’s exciting to receive a book when you know the author’s past works. Happyface by Stephen Emond is an amazing story, of course—that’s an undisputed fact. Winter Town looked promising to me as soon as I picked it up, and the fact that the author takes the absolutely generic, overdone plot of friendship-becoming-love and gives it his own spin had me hooked from the first page. I couldn’t wait to see the graphics, which are brilliantly illustrated excerpts from the relationship-inspired book of the studious and under-pressure main character, Evan.

Evan’s relationship with his childhood friend, Lucy, has never been breakable. But since she moved away, things have been harder for them. It gets a bit complicated when the sweet girl Evan always knew comes to visit sporting a goth façade and a stoned personality to match. Now Evan has to find Lucy underneath her mask. Of course, it seems cliché. Most of these romance novels are. But Emond cleverly includes entertaining cartoons that could liven up even the most annoying and deadpan plot. Not to mention, his spin on the age-old tale adds a level of spunk that appealed to me.

This is a well-done book as a whole. Is it a to-die-for inspirational read that reeled me in like an unawares fish? Nope. It’s one of those books to curl up by the fire reading. No fancy stuff, just that—good, but not quite on level with Happyface.


Adithi is known as The Oak Tree on Figment, and she loves to write with an obsessive passion. Her work has been featured in magazines such as Stone Soup, Skipping Stones, and Creative Kids. The three words that best describe her are poetic, fun, and life-loving. Her motto? Love every moment, look with many pairs of eyes, and keep a smile always with you!


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