Happy Birthday to Books 12/4 to 12/10

Not to steal the spotlight from all the book babies this week, but can we just have one more shout-out to the very special birthday Figment celebrated yesterday? WE’RE THE CUTEST LIL ONE YEAR OLD EVER! Also, very precocious. If you were wondering what to buy us, some of these hot new titles are a good start!

Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare (12/6/11)

Clockwork Angel was so great, we recommended it to you Figs a bit ago. Since I’m such a big fan, getting my hands on Clockwork Prince early felt a lot like watching seasons of Glee ahead of the rest of the world–dangerously exciting. This book is nice and angst-y; the most heartbreaking love triangle I’ve ever read is formed between Tessa and Shadowhunting bad-asses Will and Jem. We know that the heart wants what the heart wants, but maybe the heart should remember that coming between best-bros-forever is super uncool (but great drama).

Pretty Little Liars #10: Ruthless by Sara Shephard (12/6/11)

I’d be a pretty little liar myself if I said I never considered reading these books. Yes, I’m a guy. And yes, these are books very heavily targeted towards girls as supported by the oh-so-girly covers and vicious cat fights and hair pulling. But I find some of that stuff quite funny, and I know other guys can agree–those bold enough to come out and admit it, at least. After all, real men read Pretty Little Liars . . . right? It’s not weird that I’m excited for this. It’s not.

Winter Town by Stephen Emond (12/6/11)

Love is in the wintry air in this contemporary novel about teen genius Evan waiting for childhood homie Lucy to come for her annual visit. But when she gets there, Evan isn’t sure he recognizes who she is–suddenly the sweet little girl next door is all goth’d out. Can Evan convince Lucy to wash off the all the life-is-whatever makeup off? Oh, and Winter Town has illustrations by the author–PRETTY PICTURES!

Witch and Wizard: The Fire by James Patterson and Jill Dembowski (12/5/11)

Being the creative souls you are, I think you’ll certainly sympathize with what Whit and Wisty Allgood are up against: a supreme mastermind who’s ruined the lives of teenagers everywhere by banning books, music, art, imagination, and–it doesn’t outright say it–but it’s hinted that he’s banned Figment as well. We can’t have any of that nonsense, so let’s hope our beloved witch and wizard burn the house down in this searing showdown!

Dream School by Blake Nelson (12/6/11)

Figment has published its first book for the world–Figs and not-yet-Figs alike–to hold in their hands and read! And we’re pretty damn proud of Blake Nelson’s pretty damn awesome novel!

Andrea Marr of Girl fame is back on the scene and is now college-bound! Her delightfully unorthodox first person narrative will allow you to get to know the cape-less, real, and gritty heroine all 90’s grunge girls are familiar with. And the best part? Andrea’s smart and cool–geek is chic!

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