Happy Holidays From Beth Revis!

It’s official, Figs: the weather is getting frightful, the mistletoe has been hung, the lights are twinkling–the holidays are upon us! To celebrate, we’ve asked some of our favorite authors to share holiday memories with us. Tune in all through December to get in the holiday spirit!

Beth Revis is the New York Times bestselling author of Across the Universe, the first in a trilogy about teenage Amy, trapped aboard the spaceship Godspeed and en route to become a settler of a new planet. But the trip doesn’t go quite as planned, and Amy discovers that sinister secrets lie beneath the polished exterior of Godspeed. The sequel to Across the Universe, A Million Splendid Suns hits shelves on January 10, 2012. While we’re waiting, check out Beth’s holiday tale of slow, careful gift reappropriation.

Boys always get the best stuff. Hot Wheels, Transformers, GI Joes—that’s where it’s at. And yet my mother insisted on getting me Barbies and tea sets.

Picture it: the late 80s. All I wanted was He-Man’s Grayskull castle. It was the ultimate dollhouse, complete with booby-trap doors, catapults, and creepy towers.

And there was a box big enough for a Grayskull castle right there, under the tree.

Only problem: it was on my brother’s side of the tree.

I checked the label.

Yup. It was for him.

Maybe there was some mistake. My brother’s collection of He-Man action figures notwithstanding, I was the one with the full collection of She-Ra dolls and the horse and the glitter-filled sword. I opened present after present.

Clothes. School supplies. Books. My Little Ponies.

And then my brother pulled the big box to him.

And there it was. My Grayskull castle, with his name on the gift tag.

What was a girl to do?

Here’s what: she bides her time. And she slowly—one by one—puts a My Little Pony into each room of the Grayskull castle, even the hidden trapdoor room, until her brother throws his hands up, declares the whole thing too girly, and lets her have it.

Works every time.

One thought on “Happy Holidays From Beth Revis!

  1. I love this! What a great post.

    I had a similar experience growing up. I remember two incidents. The first was watching my brother get a couple of gorgeous yellow Tonka trucks under the tree. Boy, did I covet those. That year I got the giant Barbie makeover head, complete with hair brush and eye shadow. She got quite a makeover.

    Around that time I started collecting Matchbox cars (no Hot Wheels, please! They suck.) When I told my grandma that I wanted matchbox cars for Christmas, she looked at me kind of funny and then shrugged. On Christmas morning she handed me a shoebox full of matchbook covers that she had spent the last month collecting. What could I say? I started my first forest fire that year.

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