Junot Diaz Contest Finalists!

Junot DiazThree options. Three perspectives. Three narrative voices. That’s what we gave you to choose from for the Junot Díaz Contest, which is being judged by Junot Díaz (The Brief and Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao) himself. Congratulations to the 10 top-hearted entries, which exhibited some masterful narrative voices.


The 10 finalists, in no particular order, are:
Symbiosis” by Kent DuFault
Why Fangs Envelop the Tongue” by Rolando Lopez
I’ll Clean it When I Want To” by Zahra Hadi
On the Inside” by Em Kam
Yo Prometo” by I Am Calliope
It’ll Be Okay” by krystelle faulkener
Friends..Or Enemies?” by Bareha Ahmed
Read This If You Dare” by Amanda’s Notebook
Time Flies When You Have Work To Do” by Winnie the Poet
Lip Gloss” by Leontine

Thanks to everyone who entered, and if you missed Junot’s Q-and-A, in which he answered your questions, click here to read his writing tips.

3 thoughts on “Junot Diaz Contest Finalists!

  1. The reason I joined Figment was because of this contest, and you’ll have to forgive me for being a tad bit peeved that my story won’t even be given a look. I really think something needs to be done to make a distinction between a “writing contest” and a popularity contest. This is clearly the latter. Far too many deserving stories won’t get looked at, and people who begged everyone on Figment to read and heart their stories will have their’s looked at. So explain to me how this wasn’t a popularity contest…Pretty lame. This is the last “heart-based” contest you’ll see me take part in.

    • The rules clearly stated you couldn’t promote your work for the contest and you had people commenting on every person’s profile page asking for hearts and saying they will give a heart in return. Then you get no heart in return, and the person lands in the Top 10 no problem. So yeah, the heart thing isn’t exactly indicative of who had the best writing.
      It’s because it was Junot Diaz that’s why, everyone wants to get read by him.

  2. Yup. Pretty Bullshit. I love how the administrator woman didn’t respond…she knows it was bs. I feel bad for Junot…A few of those stories are absolute trash.

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