NaNoWriMo retreateth!

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See this? This cake is for you, you little trooper. Because you survived NaNoWriMo. And put away the pity-party hats. We don’t care if you hit your goal or not (although MASSIVE slices of cake for the figs who did). Anything you wrote is more than you had written at the beginning. You’ve gotten that many words more practice! You’re that much better for it.

This month was whirlwind! Over 450 figs joined in the Official 2011 NaNoWriMo support group, which hosted an hour-long writing GRUDGE MATCH (join the group to view this chat) where everyone went head-to-head to see who could write their way to the top in one hour! Even Chris Angotti, director of the NaNoWriMo Young Writers Program joined the group!

He also shared some of his favorite NaNo memories and advice with us on the blog. We hit you with some pick-your-poison motivational videos. And if you like your motivation to come from your peers, we featured some all-star Figwrimos: Vee Weasley, KarennaTheBookEnthusiast, Al Howard, and Jonah Solheim. We got our #figlitchat on with Tim Kim, Captain of the Office of Letters and Light.

The super-exclusive NaNoWriMo YWP badge!

But now the NaNo glow has ended, right? BAHA! We laugh at your foolishness! Over 500 wonderful stories are now on Figment as a direct result of NaNoWriMo! Check out the wonderful selection for all of your reading needs.

Are you are writer of plays, both stage and screen? You can get your pressure-packed writing experience on in April with Script Frenzy. Maybe your movie could star a certain writing website…

The rich selection of Fig stories should tide you over until next year, when we’ll be here, ready for the madness all over again.

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