The Harris Burdick Contest Winners!

He’d always known about the staircase. It simply hadn’t been time yet.

This was the caption of a photo of a single spiral staircase sent to you anonymously. These winning entries of the Harris Burdick Contest, chosen by the Houghton Mifflin Harcourt staff, were mysterious, magical, and magnificently written. Congratulations!

First Place:Next One” by Alexes
Second Place:Door Lord” by G. Gómez
Third Place:The ColorKeeper” by Destiny Howell

All three winners will receive copies of The Chronicles of Harris Burdick. Alexes will also receive an invisible ink pen, G. Gómez will also receive a fuzzy nose disguise, and Destiny will also receive a Figment tote.

Click here to read the finalist entries. Thanks to everyone who participated!

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