The Crazy Things Girls Do For Love by Dyan Sheldon

In The Crazy Things Girls Do For Love, polar opposites Sicilee and Maya battle it out in an effort to out-green each other and impress Cody, the hotter-than-greenhouse-emissions new kid who decides to join the socially-outcast environmental club. They both seem like lost causes: Sicilee, a girl whose carbon footprint would make Paris Hilton faint, and Maya, a girl who likes to talk big about her environmental causes, yet still rides her own suped-up car to school. But even though the effort to win Cody’s heart seems futile, the effort to save the planet—a mere collateral good deed from Sicilee and Maya—gradually becomes important to both girls.

I knew I would love The Crazy Things Girls Do For Love by Dyan Sheldon as soon as I picked it up, just because of the title. Trust me: been there, done that. When I actually read the synopsis, I was happy to find that Dyan Sheldon is the creator of one of my favorite books (and popular Disney movies) of all time: Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen. The target age range for The Crazy Thing Girls Do For Love is YA—just like Confessions—and I couldn’t help but smile throughout the whole book; the characters are so relatable in their teendom, even if they are a bit extreme.

In Sicilee you find the classic, if somewhat cliché, self-centered girl who is used to getting everything she wants. Watching her character develop from someone who believes the planet literally revolvs around her to someone who realizes that she herself is the key to changing the planet is really refreshing. Yes, it’s natural for the mean, spoiled girl to experience some self-realization, but the fact that she is able to learn respect for the planet along the way is a nice subtle undertone that makes The Crazy Things Girls Do For Love original.

In Maya, readers find a modern reflection of teenager “hipsters”. She likes to talk the talk about environmentalism but doesn’t know how to put her thoughts into actions without being deemed uncool. She always cared about the environment, but it took a cute boy for her to finally join the socially suicidal environmental club. It is satisfying to see Maya end the story with a sense that she is doing more than just chasing after a boy, especially since that boy isn’t as concerned about the environment as he pretended to be.

The Crazy Things Girls Do For Love is a funny read that has heart down to its core. I recommend this to all teenage girls, especially ones like me, who are always put under the wrong boys’ spells.


Maggie Martin is a teen fiction writer who lives in Iowa.  Music inspires pretty much every aspect of her life, so naturally she’s a band geek that lives and breathes music.  Seriously.   

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