Beswitched by Kate Saunders

Beswitched by Kate Saunders tells the story of Flora Fox. Flora’s your classic 21st century stuck-up teenager. Her parents are sending her off to boarding school so they can move to take care of her ailing grandmother. (Gasp! How horrible!)

However, instead of the modern day boarding school she was sent to, Flora is somehow transported back in time to the 1930s to attend St. Winifred’s. Flora isn’t sure how she’s going to survive life without her iPod or hair products, but she eventually finds a way to fit in with a group of friends. Before long, they begin to experiment with magic—the same type of magic that brought Flora into the past in the first place.

The only downside? Flora isn’t enjoying the past at all. And she also isn’t sure how in the world she’s going to get back to the century she’s supposed to be living in.

I’ll start off by saying that I generally enjoy most of the books I read, so it’s always a bit of a rude awakening to find a story that I don’t particularly like. Beswitched wasn’t for me. I found Flora to be very annoying. At first, I suspected the author wrote her this way purposely so that her personality could change, but Flora remained whiny and immature for the majority of the book.

I also found the plot of the book to be flimsy and anti-climactic, with the exception of a cool turn of events at the end. A little twist in the story made me laugh and smile, because it’s something that I should’ve seen coming but didn’t. But all in all, an unlikeable protagonist means that Beswitched doesn’t come highly recommended.


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