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Season 3, Episode 9, “Extraordinary Merry Christmas”

If you’re wondering why there’s an Irish kid chilling in Ohio, check out last week’s gleecap.

Last night’s episode opens with McKinley’s OG (original glee) club trimming a Christmas tree of massive proportions. Considering it’s a public school, McKinley High would need to have a menorah of equal size somewhere around the place to avoid being sued. Which would explain why Rachel says the year’s glee club decorating budget has been blown entirely on the holiday season. But no. No, it has not. I fully expect to see a lavish once-and-done set for one of your numbers within the next hour. Maybe a full-on nativity scene.

Oh. You went with a full-on winter forest land. Where it is snowing. Yup. Your poor, tiny budget.

Screenshots from Glee on Fox

So Artie gets hired to direct New Directions in the local PBS winter Christmas special, which happens to coincide with Sue’s homeless outreach program, which the New Directions already promised to perform at.  Ten bucks, yo. Ten bucks that the glee club ends up finding the spirit of Christmas and going to the homeless shelter. TEN BUCKS.

Rachel is nagging Finn for a more material Christmas. Diamonds are a would-be-starlet’s best friend, after all. Sam is mourning the real meaning of Christmas. Rory is missing his family and feeling the pangs as his Glee story arc comes to a whimpering close.

Screenshots from Glee on Fox

The return of Director Artie for his black-and-white generic Star Wars Christmas epic was perf. And Rachel’s affected TV presence was prime. Music was meh, but it’s hard to make a Christmas song stand out during the time of year when you have to learn to tune out the carols or else go ape-chucking insane. And New Directions TOTALLY ENDED UP IN THE HOMELESS SHELTER. Pay up, suckers.

For some reason, this episode seemed tailor-made for the shippers. When Glee showed this:

Screenshots from Glee on Fox

Samcedes fans saw this:

When Glee showed this:

Screenshots from Glee on Fox

BlaineBerries saw this:

And when Glee showed Kurt and Blaine chilling in their vintage “bachelor” pad:

Screenshots from Glee on Fox

A little piece of all the Klainers died.

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  1. Actually, they signed Damian on for more episodes. He’s staying!!!!! yay!!!

    Itchy the Christmas Elf with a brother who wears a cat bell.


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