Build a Better Protagonist in FIVE STEPS


Step one: Take your protagonist.

Step two: Decide your protagonist’s gender (we chose a girl) and give her some distinctive features. Hair and eyes are a good place to start.

We’ve chosen floor-length curly blond hair. That’s an attention grabber! Take note of the eyes. Interesting eyes are a staple of young adult protagonists, but interesting eyes are becoming harder and harder to invent. Mismatched? Been done. Amber? Been done. We’ve chosen one violet eye, and one eye that is actually just a tattoo of an eye.

Step three: Now you need to give your character some personality.

We’ve gone with suburban rebel. This mild-mannered discontent is typified by her bright Converse and plaid shirt which clearly shows she has no time to care about her looks!

Step four: Now for the big twist!

She’s a vampire that HUNTS VAMPIRES!

Step five: She should have a classically feminine name that can be abbreviated into a noun, adjective, or verb. We chose Catherine, which she abbreviates into:

She’s perfect.

15 thoughts on “Build a Better Protagonist in FIVE STEPS

  1. Liek OMFG she is, like the totally best charactar EVAH! And like sooooo original! I mean a vampire who like, hunts vampires? And that floor length blonde curly hair is so totally realistic.

  2. “Interesting eyes are a staple of YA protagonist.”Hahahah, so true!
    At least it’s a better name than ‘Sookie Stackhouse’ from the True Blood series. Great character but what a name….

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