Enter an Exclusive Figment Contest

Have you seen the Figment newsletter today? Run, crawl, skip to your computer and check your inbox for details about an exclusive contest. You could be featured in next week’s newsletter! You’re just 150 words away. Get writing!

14 thoughts on “Enter an Exclusive Figment Contest

    • Hi Kim,

      Search your inbox trash/ spam folder! If you have any friends on Figment, you might ask them if they can forward it to you. If that still doesn’t work. send me an email at rebecca@figment.com and I can help you out.

    • Hey Laina-
      All you have to do is write and tag your story, and you’re eligible to win! The winner will be chosen by our editorial team, who will read all the entries and pick their favorite. Good luck!

  1. Hey guys, I made an account that night and so didn’t get that mornings newsletter. Whats this contest all about- can someone send it to me please if its still going on?

  2. i’m pretty sure i entered this way back in december do they pick the winner today? how do they let them know?

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