Family Gatherings Contest with YARN Finalists!

There’s nothing like family. Especially during the holidays. For the Family Gatherings Contest with YARN, you all relived some of your craziest, quirkiest, most memorable family get-togethers. Congrats to these ten entries, which will be judged by none other than Susan Beth Pfeffer, best-selling author of Life as We Knew It and Blood Wounds, along with the YARN editorial staff. 

The finalists, in no particular order, are:

Submitted by Fred at

The Tree House Indians” by Ariana S.
A Crazy Christmas” by Jessie Clites
Deadbeat Dinner” by B.D. Legan
Home Inside Myself” by VirginiaCalling
Eyes Like Mine” by Jackie Lewis
Rain” by Kaito-kid (Haibara Ai-kun) <3
Remember” by Bijou
Veselé Vánoce” by Leontine
The Best Christmas Ever” by Jamie Avery
Never Let Go” by Emily Sawyer

One of these lucky Figs will have his/her story featured in YARN’s literary magazine and will receive an awesome prize pack full of books and other great swag. Thanks to everyone that participated, and have a very happy holiday season!

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