Happy Birthday to Books 12/18 to 12/24

In this week’s set of book birthdays, most of the parents aren’t winning any mother or father of the year awards. But don’t worry, book babies–if Mom and Dad won’t love you, Figment will.

On A Dark Wing by Jordan Dane (12/20/11)

Abby Chandler pointed and laughed at Death five years ago when she survived a car crash (Abby: 1 Death: 0) where her mother wasn’t so fortunate–but that’s the cliche of dead parents in YA for you, so that was expected and hardly a victory for Death (Abby: 1 Death: 1/2). To get back at Abby, Death is targeting her crush when he goes mountain climbing. Will he make it down safely on his own or will Death lend an icy hand?


Legacy by Molly Cochran (12/20/11)

Gotta love a good ol’ boarding school story, especially when magic is involved. Katy is a 16-year-old girl who moves to Whitfield, Massachusetts where practically everyone’s a witch. You gotta give Katy props for not casting a hex on her awful dad; he banished her to the town where her mother committed suicide. Man, when the parents in YA aren’t busy being dead, they’re quite terrible. Any Figs interested in psychic powers, dark forces, and life-threatening romances should check this one out!

Flyaway by Helen Landalf (12/20/11)

Surprise, surprise, another bad mom crashing this party! This one is probably the most heartbreaking–teen Stevie is very loyal to her mother, though she’s out somewhere in the city doing crystal meth. With the help of her aunt (and a boy, of course!), Stevie is exposed to a more normal upbringing, even if that means admitting that her mother isn’t exactly Parent of the Year.


Still Waters by Emma Carlson Berne (12/20/11)

Mom may not be dead, but her job at a big chain bookstore is certainly keeping her from stopping her daughter Hannah from running off to a lake house with her college-bound boyfriend. But things aren’t exactly moving smoothly this romantic weekend–first, Hannah and Colin can’t find the house they’re planning to stay in on the map. And when they finally do, Colin’s behavior slowly shifts for the worse. Will this weekend end in kisses or six feet under?

Vampire Academy: Official Guide by Michelle Rowen and Richelle Mead

I love companion novels! And considering we currently have 27 pages of vampire stories in our Figment library, I’m guessing some of you love vampires too (or are writing stories in which they’re slain, which is fine by me). Anyone in love with this series (like your mod, Ellen) will appreciate a deeper look into St. Vladimir’s Academy and all the characters you love. It’s a great holiday gift for hardcore fans (and Ellen!).

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