Happy Birthday to Books 12/25 to 12/31

Happy Figmas and Fignukkah! Or, quite simply, Happy Holidays from all of us here at the Figment HQ! Underneath the Christmas tree, did you all find the Harry Potter Collector’s Edition and the best books of the year? If not, hopefully you received gift cards to buy some of these Holiday-born book babies!

Why We Broke Up by Daniel Handler and illustrated by Maira Kalman (12/27/11)

In Why We Broke Up high school students Min and Ed are going through one of those good ol’ rights of passage: a break-up. Min is a very considerate ex-girlfriend, making sure to give Ed back all of the things he gave her during their relationship, as well as a letter explaining exactly why they broke up. What more can you ask for! Pretty smooth break-up, I think. But you should probably read this novel–I have a feeling there’s more to it.

Love and Leftovers by Sarah Tregay (12/27/11)

Marcie has to leave behind her freakish friends (the Leftovers), her adorable emo rockstar-boyfriend, and her father for a summer vacation that turns into a permanent stay. In a new school, Marcie must to push aside thoughts of everyone she’s left behind to open her heart to a new love. Will she fall for the hot new guy or will her homesickness get the best of her?


Every Other Day by Jennifer Lynn Barnes (12/27/11)

My dream moonlighting profession? Demon hunting. That’s the sweet gig Every Other Day‘s protagonist, Kali, has: she’s a regular high school kid half the time, and then tends to her urge to hunt and kill supernatural baddies with her wicked cool predatory instincts every day in between. Downside? On a day when Kali is just a plain Jane, she notices a strange mark on a girl’s lower back (no, it’s not a tramp stamp) and knows the girl is marked for death within 24 hours. Can she save the day as a normal girl?

The Secret Sisterhood of Heartbreakers by Lynn Weingarten (12/27/11)

More broken hearts this week? I think we need to hang up more mistletoe next year, but for now, we’ll take what YA is throwing at us. Lucy returns home from her summer vacation to the not-so-cozy arms of a boyfriend who breaks up with her. Ouch. Fortunately, a secret society of heart-breaking girls has the ability to heal Lucy’s heart and make her impervious to future heartbreak . . . if she gets someone to fall in love with her the hard way, and breaks his heart within a week. This book sounds like a magical concoction of betrayal, love, and excellence.

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