Facebook Flash Fiction

We asked you on Facebook to try your hand at creating a line of dialogue to fill in the blank, inspired by Maggie Stiefvater‘s The Scorpio Races, which is chock-full of terse, poignant dialogue. Here are our favorite responses!

We struck out at sunset and had gone a few miles when the acrid smell of blood and fear filled our nostrils. I turned to my traveling companion, but what I saw made my jaw drop. I raised a shaky finger and pointed at him. “______________________”

Lydia Arkady Huth: ‎”D-David Tennant!” I stuttered.
Karey Kot: ‎”You have a little something on your cheek” as he raised his hand to wipe his right cheek a small droplet of red fell onto his raised hand. We both looked at each other with widen eyes before looking above.
Sierra Ross: ‎”You’ve got spinach stuck between your teeth.”

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