Dream School Contest Finalists!

For the Dream School Contest, inspired by Dream School‘s outrageously cool and endlessly fascinating protagonist Andrea Marr, we asked you to write a story about someone who goes to college. These 10 entries took on “the campus scene” in marvelous fashion. Congrats to these Figs!



The finalists, in no particular order, are:
Second Chancesby Bijou
Call Me Beeby Jillian Romanowski
Redoby Amber Jones
The Long Journey Homeby Carmyn Lopez
College for a Spyby Gabriell Struble
Freshby Jordan Rosner
Wanted: XXXXXS Leash (In Purple)by Kathryn Shauberger
Freshman 15by Selena
MEby Fae Lu
Lies of a (supposed) Good Girlby Jennifer + the Machine

These entries will be sent to Blake Nelson, author of Dream School, who will pick the winners! All winners will receive signed copies of Dream School. The first place winner will also receive a copy of Blake Nelson’s Girl and a Moleskine notebook, while the second place winner will also receive a copy of Blake Nelson’s Girl. Vote now! Thanks to everyone who participated.


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