Winner of the Family Gatherings Contest with YARN!

Like flowers in a thicket and jelly beans in a jar, all families are special (and delicious) in their own ways. Whether your Family Gatherings contest entry was hilarious, quirky, sad, or poignant, it was unforgettable.

Thanks to the Figs who shared their stories, and a special congratulations to Jackie Lewis, whose entry, “EYES LIKE MINE,” was selected by Susan Beth Pfeffer (New York Times best-selling author of Life as We Knew It and Blood Wounds) and the editorial staff of YARN as our grand prize winner!

Jackie will receive an epic bundle of swag, including a copy of Blood Wounds, Stephen King’s On Writing, a Moleskine notebook and a Le Pen set. Best of all, Jackie’s getting published in YARN‘s award-winning literary magazine, and we are super psyched for her—like, dancing-on-the-tables-in-the-Figment-office, birthday-cake-for-breakfast, first-snowfall-of-the-year psyched. The story will be workshopped by the YARN editorial staff before it appears in their journal, so stay tuned to the blog for news of its debut! Inspired yet? We are.

Click here to read the finalist entries.

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