Figment Daily Themes: Day One

Was your New Year’s resolution to write more? Well, you’re in luck. As promised, Figment Daily Themes, our new prompt-a-day writing challenge, begins today. From now until March 30, we’ll send you a brand new, hand-crafted, awesomely delicious writing prompt five days a week, Monday through Friday. Throughout the three months, we’ll also have extra-special prompts from some of our favorite writers like Lev Grossman (The Magicians), Aimee Bender (The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake), and Curtis Sittenfeld (Prep).

While you have to sign up here to receive your full serving of Figment Daily Themes, here’s a sneak preview of the kind of prompt you’ll be receiving each day:

Figment Daily Theme, January 2, 2012

Affirmations (Iโ€™m good enough, Iโ€™m smart enoughโ€ฆ) tell us a lot about how a person sees herself and what characteristics she values and wishes to achieve. In journal form, write an affirmation for a character that hints at his deepest fears about himself as well as his wildest dreams.

So get going, dear figs. Sign up. Start writing. And be sure to tag your pieces DailyThemes to receive an awesome new badge, editorial shout-outs, and that warm, glowing feeling of knowing you’re starting 2012 off right, writing a little bit everyday.

39 thoughts on “Figment Daily Themes: Day One

  1. Alright, I’ve asked this question before, but I just want to be sure:

    Can I post all the prompts in a single book? I know, I have to have ten(?) books tagged to receive the badge, so would it work if I tagged a book with the tag each day I did the prompt, then delete it and add it to my “Master Book”? Or do I have to have ten books at once to get the badge? (or whatever number, I don’t remember)

    I know, I’m making it extremely difficult. -_-” Thanks in advanced!

    • Hi Ariel,

      Yes, but note that you need to tag multiple books to receive the badge. You may want to create a new book each week.

  2. So I finished it for today, but am I supposed to post all the themes in one book or each one in a different book? Also, do they have to be posted the day the email is sent to get credit?

    • Hi Dobby,

      They do not have to be completed the day they are sent. You may create just one book, but in order to acquire the badge, you need to tag multiple books, so I would recommend a new book for each week.

  3. Can we compile all of our Daily Themes into one book to save space and tag it with each theme, having each daily entry a different chapter?

    • Hi Jonah,

      Yes, you may, but you need to tag multiple books dailythemes to acquire the badge, so you might want to create a new book each week.

  4. I have a quick question about the Daily Themes Challenge. Can we combine all the prompts in one full writing? I’m going to do it that way so I can save space for my other writings. I also saw other people doing it too. Thank you. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hi mandee,

      It’s up to you, but if you’d like the Daily Themes badge, you need to tag multiple entries dailythemes, so you might want to create a new book each week.

    • Hi Al,

      It’s up to you, but what might be best is to make a new book each week so that you acquire the Daily Themes badge.

  5. Yay! I’m still trying to get mine done for today, but I’m super excited to see what all the different prompts are going to be! Thanks, Figment, for coming up with this! ^_^

  6. I have a question. Do you need to publish each prompt enduced piece seperately or can you write them all into one work? (like a chapter for each prompt piece) I’m trying to figure this out.

    • Hi Hannah,

      What would be best would be to create a different book each week, and create different chapters for each of the week’s prompts. Have fun!

  7. Hey, this is a great idea! I’ve signed up ๐Ÿ™‚

    Could we do 3 books, one for each month of themes? Or do we have to do one book per week of themes?

  8. I signed up for the prompts and confirmed it but where do I get the prompts? Where are they sent to, email or my account on here???

  9. I just signed up today and I was wondering when I should expect to see my first prompt? I am feeling a little blah lately and hope this will get the creative juices flowing.

  10. Hi,

    I just signed up for Figment and am still figuring it out. I’m assuming I post my response to the prompts in the My Writing section. I’ve started a draft, but I don’t see where I can tag this. Can you tell me how to add tags?


    • Hi Erin!

      Once you’ve clicked “Create Something New” and have a draft, go to the “Details” tab and you’ll see, on the right side, a space for Tags. Welcome to Figment! Feel free to email me with any questions.

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