#CinderParty all night long!

Okay, more like “all day long,” but still. After a full day of trivia and prize giveaways, we got chatty on Monday night with Marissa Meyer, author of Cinder (which you can start reading for a limited time on Figment), and her agent, Jill Grinberg, who joined Twitter especially for the occasion! We talked about graphic novels, writing killer queries, and what agents are looking for. There might have also been a Vaccines dance party? But that’s beside the point.

Check out some of the highlights!

One thought on “#CinderParty all night long!

  1. The #cinderparty was so much fun! You don’t get many opportunities to ask a wonderful author like Marissa Meyer’s questions very often! It was a great experience and I am eager for the next all day twitter feed!

    It is something that should definitely be done again!

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