Love? Maybe. by Heather Hepler

Piper Paisley’s birthday is on Valentine’s Day—but that does not, in any way, make her a romantic. In fact, the whole institution of love seems hokey to her—until she meets her unlikely prince charming.

In Love? Maybe. by Heather Hepler, Piper is so cynical that instead of the conversation Hearts that are so popular at Jan the Candy Man’s shop, she creates the opposite: consternation hearts which express her hatred for love. This doesn’t all come out of the blue; Piper has had some major letdowns in her life–first, when her biological father walked out, and then during a rocky divorce between her mom and her adopted father. Piper’s used to being the one holding things together for her family, and finding love is last on her list of priorities—much to the dismay of her friends Jillian and Claire who are dead set on a plan for Valentine’s day romance.

When they give a new chocolate concoction named “Love Potion Number 9” to their prospective Valentine’s dates, Piper doesn’t believe that it will amount to anything. But then the most gorgeous boy in school, Ben Donovan, asks her on a date. It seems like the Love Potion is working, until Piper figures out that Ben’s not all that he’s cracked up to be. She begins to figure out that maybe what she had been looking for all along was in the house next door: her best friend Charlie, her unlikely prince charming.

Love? Maybe. is a cute book that, while mostly cliché, is an enjoyable, quick read that touches the heart. Hepler’s characters are funny and meaningful, which makes up for the clichéd plotline and lack of real mystery. Love? Maybe. is for those who are just starting to think about love and what different types of love mean. The romantic plotline will have you wishing for your own boy next door to come knocking!


Maggie Martin is a teen fiction writer who lives in Iowa.  Music inspires pretty much every aspect of her life, so naturally she’s a band geek that lives and breathes music.  Seriously.   

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