Happy Birthday to Books! (1/8-1/14)

Adam, Figtern extraordinaire, has completed his tenure as resident book partier. He sucked down a little too much helium from all those birthday balloons, so this week Ellen and Emily are teaming up to welcome these little guys into the world.

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green (1/10/2012)

I know we have a high percentage of nerdfighters on Figment, and why wouldn’t we? We are, after all, made of awesome. So I’m sure we don’t need to tell you that OH MY GOD JOHN GREEN’S NEW BOOK IS OUT! It’s kind of a sad one–it stars a girl who’s falling in love as she’s dying of cancer–but it also features John Green’s signature wit and smarts. We about hyperventilated when our signed copies arrived yesterday.


A Millions Suns by Beth Revis (1/10/2012)

We’re all about Across the Universe at Figment HQ–sometimes after cupcake Friday when we’re slipping into food coma, we pretend like we’re cryogenically frozen and heading to a new planet so we don’t have to move for a few hours. But Figment HQ is way less full of lies and deceit than Godspeed, the spaceship where Amy’s journey continues. Now that she’s been unplugged and she and Elder have toppled the tyrannical Eldest, you’d think life aboard the Godspeed would be somewhat smoother sailing. You’d be wrong.


Jessica Rules the Dark Side by Beth Fantaskey (1/10/2012)

We’re not going to say that we wait around for a handsome vampire prince to come and tell us that we’re his long-lost princess and then sweep us off our feet to our new castle. But, like . . . if there are any vampire princes reading this? We probably wouldn’t turn you down. Jessica, re-princessed and be-castled, has to deal with murderous vamps trying to dethrone her. Mr. Prince Vampire, sir? Just so you know, we could totally hold our own, vampiro-el-vampiro. Make sure to check out an excerpt of Jessica Rules the Dark Side on Figment!


The Gathering Storm by Robin Bridges (1/10/2012)

It’s 1888, and Katerina is a Russian debutante, living a life of whirlwind parties and frou-frou dresses. Which would be cool, if we weren’t comparing it to her ability to raise the dead. That’s right. She’s a kick-ass Russian necromancer, tasked with protecting a member of the Imperial family. This is what our life should be! You know that she gets some awesome theme music.


5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Books! (1/8-1/14)

  1. Hem hem. I thought you were cutting down on Cupcake Fridays.
    I ran out today to buy a copy of TFiOS. And I didn’t have enough money. It was vair vair awkward. Somehow I ended up getting it AND IT’S OMGSOGOOD

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