Jessica Rules the Dark Side Contest!

Betrayal takes many forms. A snide comment from a former friend can feel as cutting as a knife in the back. Or, if you’re Jessica, a stake to the chest.

In Jessica Rules the Dark Side by Beth Fantaskey (which you can start reading for a limited time here on Figment), Jessica is a fledgling vampire who keeps dreaming of wooden stakes–a sure sign of imminent betrayal, she’s told. The timing could be better. After all, Jessica has just discovered that she is a vampire and a princess, and recently sealed an alliance between two ancient lines of feuding vampires. And she’s just married Lucius, the scion of her family’s enemies, and moved into his castle. AND, when a powerful vampire elder is murdered, Lucius is the one blamed. He’s the only one who understands her–just months ago, Jessica was attending Woodrow Wilson High School as a teenage human–and he’s been taken away from her.

Are Jessica’s ominous visions of disaster bound to come true? Are dreams of betrayal self-fulfilling prophesies?

Your challenge, in 2,000 words or fewer, is to write a story that contains a dream or a nightmare. Does it come true? Is it a prophesy? Or is it a reoccurring fantasy about Colin Firth dressing up like Mr. Darcy and deciding he wants nothing more than to settle down in a nice, tiny, three-bedroom apartment on the wrong side of 1st Avenue in New York City? Your call.

How To Enter:
1. Read the full rules here.
2. Create an account on
3. Start a new writing. Your entry must be 2,000 words or fewer.
4. Tag that writing with darksidecontest on the Details tab.
5. Press “Publish Now.”
6. You should receive a pop-up confirmation of your entry, and in about two hours or so, your piece should appear among the submissions.

You have until January 25, 2012 at 11:59 p.m. ET to submit your story. Voting will run until February 1, 2012 at 11:59PM EST. The ten most-hearted stories at that point will be sent to Beth Fantaskey, who will choose the winners. The first place winner will receive a copy of Jessica Rules the Dark Side, a Figment tote, and retractable vampire fangs (I know, right?!). Second place winner will receive a copy of Jessica Rules the Dark Side and an “I Heart Vampires” pin. Third prize winner will receive a copy of Jessica Rules the Dark Side.

37 thoughts on “Jessica Rules the Dark Side Contest!

    • Hi Lauren,

      Unfortunately, we are not able to run international contests at this time, but we do run contests that are open to all residents of the U.S.!

  1. There have been too many heart contests. Every time I open the contest page, I hope and hope for a blind vote, but there have already been more than five, and not a single e-mail contest in months. I miss them dearly, and I really wish you could give us one. Blind-voters appreciate the writing instead of the writers ability to do four hundred swaps in a month.

    Thank you for taking this into consideration.

  2. I’m having some troubles with my contest entry! It showed up in the submissions but for some reason it says that I have ‘0 words’ when I have way more than that! Is there a glitch with my account or is this happening because it is a contest entry?

  3. Hi, so I read the promotion rules in the forum and was wondering if you could promote your book for a contest inside of groups, doing things like asking for people to read and review, and placing the book in the “Member Books” section of the group. Could you clear this up for me? Please and thanks!

    • Hi Gabriell,

      No, you may not promote contest entries anywhere on the Figment site, but feel free to tell friends and family!

  4. Well I thought my story would be posted on the first page of the entries… but then the content didn’t save so now I’m gonna be sent to page 3 :/ Well it’s higher than page 240 anyway 😀 (that’s my page number for another contest)

  5. And also I was reading the other comments and I wanted to know what’s a blind vote? Also what are the email contests? Thanks!

    • Hi Adria,

      Blind votes refer to contests for which the number of hearts an entry has received do not matter; the judges read all the entries regardless. In the past, we have also run contests for which the entries were sent to an email account and not posted in the contest blog as an entry.

  6. Maybe it’s something just wrong with figment, but everytime I go to “Most Hearted” for this contest, it’s incorrect. It shows some entries with a lot of hearts on the third page and some entries with two or three on the first page…

  7. Are we allowed to edit our entry when it is already the voting period? I need to edit my story and was wondering if I could put it off for a while longer 😉

    • Hi Rachel,

      You should have gotten a pop-up confirming your submission, but as long as your entry appears on the contest page, it has been submitted.

  8. I have been trying to submit my work but i can’t find the publish now button. I tagged darksidecontest, but nothing came up. How do I find this?

    • Hi Gabs,

      Not unless your entry specifically pertains to the group’s theme and mission (and you are a member!). Please do not “spam” groups.

  9. Okay, so on my “my writing” section it told me that people had hearted my story for this contest, but then when I went to the story I had like 10 less hearts than I should have. Then, when I went back to my “my writing” page, some of the names were gone. Is that just a glitch or is there a reason for that?


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