Looking for a Fresh Perspective?

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2 thoughts on “Looking for a Fresh Perspective?

  1. I meant that as a general comment not specifically for this topic. Looking for a fresh perspective – I want to roll on the floor laughing out loud at that. I reckon you could wave a fresh one in front of me and I would look right past it into the big baby blues of the past (filled with tears). Not.
    I am just really tired, and really bored of the input I am getting from my surroundings – people and places – except my home on one of the most beautiful coasts this side of the Equator. Really need an upload of a whole new world with no overlapping details with this one. A bit of parallel universe stuff going down now.
    And how about a friend who has something other than the latest RELATIONSHIP to talk about – I am so totally bored by all these women discussing their relationships! No you are right I don’t have one but for me it is a case of can’t have one – no chance not now not ever get used to it. All gone gone.

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